Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cole's First 3 Weeks!

Silly me for thinking I'd be able to update my blog weekly with a newborn! :) I will try my best from here on out to update as much as I can in the future!
First, I CANNOT believe how FAST these three weeks have flown by! We always say our week of vacation in the summer goes by like a flash, well these weeks have gone by even FASTER if that is possible! Let's see..where do I begin?

Week 1:
After a wonderful stay at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital, we brought Cole home on Thursday, November 10, 2011. Our neighbor and friend, Jaime, decorated the outside of the house and Gigi was eagerly awaiting our arrival! Our first visitors at the house were our friends Eric and Lauri. The next day, Crystal and Lexi drove down to spend the afternoon with us. Saturday, Pops came back down to spend the weekend. Anne came over with her youngest daughter, Emily (3 months old), to meet her future husband, Cole :) We had a wonderful family dinner that night with both sides of the family. Dave's dad, Grandpa, made a beautiful toast and we indulged in a special champagne. Sadly, Gigi and Pops had to leave on Sunday, all three of us were very sad to see them go. Luckily, Thanksgiving was right around the corner so they would be back soon. Mimi came to visit us and help out Tuesday-Thursday of that week. Cole had plenty of snuggle time rocking with her!
On our way home!
Gigi was waiting!

Crystal and Lexi
1st bath at home!
Enjoying football with Daddy :)
Cole's first girlfriend Emily

Week 2:
During Mimi's visit, we decided to take a road trip to see Aunt Becky and Uncle Eddie. Cole made out great in the car but was a little fussy during our actual visit. All he wanted to do was eat (little did I know this was the start of a feeding frenzy that is still going on!) Cole also had his first doctor's appointment this week. We were very pleased with the doctor's office and the nurses and doctor we met with. Cole had gained 8 ounces since leaving the hospital. Because he was still 6 ounces away from his birth weight, we were scheduled to go back a week later for a weight check. We had many other visitors this week (Krystle and Scarlet, Cruz and Lauri, Melissa, the Boyer family) and also celebrated Dave's 29th birthday!! Sadly, as this week ended, so did Dave's leave from work :( We spent all day Sunday just the three of us and enjoyed every second. I honestly DO NOT know how I would have survived without Dave those first two weeks! He is such a HUGE HELP!!
Another day...another girlfriend, Krystle's daughter Scarlet
Daddy's BEST birthday EVER!

Meeting Cruz

Handsome Boy!

Week 3:
Cole and I survived our first week home without Daddy (thank goodness it was only 3 days b/c of the Thanksgiving holiday!). We had some trying times this week. Cole has been very fussy during random times of the day and seems to be totally miserable unless he is eating. However, I feed him, and then he spits up....A LOT so it is has been challenging, to say the least. However, I know I have a huge support system in Dave, my family, and friends so that has helped when I have become frustrated and emotional! This week my breastfeeding difficulties did get a little better thankfully! I was really struggling for the first 2 weeks with a lot of pain. I decided it was best to pump some of the time and that seemed to allow me time to heal and it is getting easier as time goes on. People are absolutely telling the truth when they say breastfeeding doesn't necessarily come "naturally"! It definitely takes patience and perseverance! We enjoyed Thanksgiving at Joan and Phil's house with both sides of the family. This was different than our usual Thanksgiving routine but, was equally as wonderful. Cole got to sport his many Turkey Day outfits and we enjoyed watching a touching DVD of pictures that my mom put together for us. Friday, Cole had his follow-up doctor's appointment. Unfortunately he had only gained one ounce since the previous week. So, the doctor suggested we start waking Cole up at least every three hours throughout the night to try to get his weight up. Previously, I only fed Cole when he woke during the night. He would go a 5-6 hour stretch, and then a 4 hour stretch. Friday night we started this new routine and Saturday was the best day Cole has had in the last week and a half. I am hoping this new feeding schedule helps his fussiness during the day. Dave and Dad got the outside of the house all decorated for Christmas and Mom, Mimi, and I worked on the inside. Actually, it was more like Mom and Mimi decorating and me feeding a hungry baby all day! I am so thankful they were here to help us. We enjoyed the beautiful weather both Saturday and Sunday by taking our first few trips outdoors. We took our first stroller ride around the neighborhood and also went to tag our Christmas tree! I cannot believe it is already DECEMBER!!!! 
1st Stroller Ride

Cole's Birth Story

Monday, November 7, 2011:
After having contractions on and off all day Sunday and throughout Sunday night, they seemed to subside Monday morning. They were only coming on when I changed position or walked around, so I stayed still! Dave went ahead and went to work for the morning and was going to be home around noon for my doctor's appointment at 2:15. Around eleven, the pain became constant. I wasn't sure if it was contractions or not because there was no rhythm to them, it was just constant pain. I just kept thinking, "I'm such a wimp", I'm not even in labor yet! (little did I know I was!). I debated calling the doctor and asking if I should go to the hospital or just come in to my appointment. Dave and I decided I would just wait for my appointment and go from there. To be safe, we took our hospital bags with us when we left!

Although I love my doctor, I have never had a "quick" appointment because of the long wait time. My appointment was at 2:15 and I didn't get to see the doctor until about 3:45. This was not a fun hour and a half with constant contractions! Luckily, Dave rubbed my back and was there to support me. The doctor examined me and told us to get ready because I was 5 centimeters dilated! We were shocked! Just yesterday I was only 2 and making zero progress! I guess all those contractions were doing their job! Dave called my mom and told her to go ahead and come down! I think we were all a bit worried they wouldn't make it in time considering I was half-way dilated! We arrived at the hospital and got all checked in.

Next, they told us to walk the halls to get things going. We walked for about an hour or so and got checked then told to walk again! As we were walking, mom and Mimi arrived! Once everyone was settled the doctor told me to go ahead and get in bed because my blood tests showed elevated levels of something (sorry I don't remember) which could cause my blood pressure to rise. 

The contractions got worse and worse as Dad, Joan, and Phil arrived to wish me well. Mom and Dave were very supportive as I struggled through them. Then, they decided to break my water to get things moving along. Turns out Cole already had a bowel movement so my fluid had meconium, which they said not to worry about, but I did anyway! They also started me on pitocin to try to get more regular, stronger contractions. I watched on the screen as each one came  and lasted longer and longer! When they were so painful I couldn't watch anymore, Mom and Dave would tell me when the worst part was over. After one particular contraction that went off the chart and lasted twice as long as the rest had, I decided it was time for the epidural!

I hadn't been dilating quickly, so I figured it would be a long haul and I would need some pain relief. Boy, could I kiss that anesthesiologist on the mouth! I was a new woman when he was done!!!! We were hoping it would relax my body enough to help me dilate but still, stuck at 6-7 cm. The doctor told me she could feel Cole's head and she could tell there was still A LOT more of it. This concerned her because I was not dilating and he was VERY BIG. That's when a c-section was mentioned. After monitoring me for a little while longer and seeing no progress, Dave was told to put on his scrubs!

In no time I was being wheeled to the operating room with Dave by my side. We passed the whole family waiting for us and they wished me well. I grew more nervous as we went down each hallway. I began feeling nauseated as well. I think this was a combination of nerves and low blood sugar. Dave had to wait in a separate room as they prepped me. He says it felt like FOREVER and was afraid they forgot to come back and get him. Once all was ready, he joined me.

Tuesday November 8, 2011: 12:45am: In what seemed like 30 seconds, Colton Ray Williamson was born! It was all happening so fast and I was a whirlwind of emotions and feelings! I was feeling pretty sick and also drowsy due to the medicine. I heard the doctor say "there is a lot of baby to get out of here!" Dave stood up to watch and said he couldn't believe how big Cole was! The doctor swore he was 11 pounds or over, I thought he was just kidding us! (he was really 10 pounds 14 oz)!! He started crying half-way from me to the table where the nurse's were cleaning him off. That was the best sound I could ever imagine hearing! They brought him to me for a kiss and then Daddy and Cole were off to the nursery as I headed into recovery. 

Unfortunately, I was so drowsy and out of it from the medicine that I didn't get to see Cole for a few hours after birth :( But, Daddy stayed with him the whole time and held his little hand. I finally got to hold Cole around 4am and I will never forget it! 

I can't believe I have a son and I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband who is already the perfect father!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Here come the contractions!

Saturday 11/5/11: 4:00pm: Took a long walk around the neighborhood with Jaime. By the end, my stomach was HARD as a rock and very uncomfortable! Around 7pm I started having a constant menstrual cramp feeling. This lasted all night and kept me awake. 
Sunday 11/6/11: 4:00am: Finally came out to lay on the couch to see if that would help my pain. Decided to start watching the clock, cramping/contractions were coming every 5 minutes. Waited 45 minutes, still the same, so I got in the shower and got last minute things in my bag. Woke Dave up. Straightened up the house a little, packed the car and headed out around 6:30. On the way there I noticed my contractions weren't as regular anymore. Hooked me up to the monitors and sure enough I was having contractions but they were not very strong (they felt strong enough to me!) and were becoming irregular. Examined me and I was 2cm dialated. Had me walk the halls for an hour. By the end of that hour I was MISERABLE. I just wanted to lay down. When I did, contractions were far and few between. Checked me again and no change in my cervix. So, we got sent home. We were home by 10, ate lunch, and napped the rest of the day. My contractions were tolerable the rest of the day and really only hurt bad when I changed positions. Then, just about the time I was ready to lay down for bed, they started coming again every 10 minutes. This lasted until about 4am, and they were more severe than Saturday night. Needless to say, I was miserable and just kept thinking, oh my gosh, these are only going to get WORSE! :( I really thought I'd have more pain tolerance than this. As of this morning around 4-5am, they started to die down and I got a little sleep. Now they are only coming when I change position.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Last update before Cole is here?!?

Yet again, another update...
As I write this I wonder if it will be the last time I blog about my pregnancy. The next entry could very well be Cole's Birth Story! 
I'll start with my doctor's appointment on Tuesday afternoon. Dr. Cabrera was still pleased with my swelling improvement. However, he is still concerned about the size of baby boy! I'm measuring a week ahead and the doctor refers to him as "very good size" and tells me it will be a "tight fit"! YIKES! Because of this he has suggested we make plans for an induction after my appointment on Monday 11/7, if I make it that long. In the meantime, I am planning on walking in the afternoons with my neighbor Jaime to try to get things moving. I am thinking Friday will be my last day at work. I could technically go for a half-day Monday but for my own peace of mind, I'd like to have that day to get last-minute things in order if need be. Plus, it would be a clean transition for my substitute to start on her own on a Monday. (By the way, my substitute is a super-star, I am SO THANKFUL)
TMI alert ahead...
Today I called the doctor because I was concerned about some "leakage" I was having. I know it is normal for women to have some leakage late in their pregnancy, rather it be bladder control (gross I know) or discharge (again, gross). However, I also knew it could possibly be my water breaking in a slow trickle. Everything I read says to call if you are concerned, so I did. They told me to just go straight to the ER! Dave was working in Dover and I was still in Denton at the time. I was not having any contractions and the leakage hadn't gotten any worse so we were certain it was not an emergency (it wasn't). I assumed I would have to sit and wait for a while in the waiting room but to my surprise, they took me right up to labor and delivery and hooked me up to monitors right away. Cole's heart rate was strong and I enjoyed listening to it for the two hours I was there :) After an exam, and some tests, turns out the fluid was just my mucus plug "melting" away. The nurse explained that some women lose their mucus plug in one big glob, others have a slow "melting" that is watery...which would be what mine is doing. They monitored me for about another hour and sent me home. Overall, it was an interesting experience. I assumed I would be panicking and overly emotional, especially heading there on my own, without Dave. I surprised myself and stayed calm and collected (this could be because I was fairly certain I was not in labor yet). I pray I stay calm when I go back the next time for the "real" thing! Dave is finally packing his bag tonight, he adjusted the car seat so it is perfect, and we are just waiting! 
So, until Monday's appointment, or until Cole decides to come on his own, I will be napping, or walking :)