Saturday, January 21, 2012

10 Weeks Old!

My maternity leave officially ended this week. I know I've said it before but, 10 weeks of my life have NEVER gone by so fast! Seriously, I can't believe it. I spent my last day home with Cole snuggling and trying to take a mental photograph of every second of the day. There were also a lot of tears! When I returned to work Tuesday, Cole was lucky enough to stay with Daddy for the day. That morning was pretty ugly, involving me leaving with a BOX of tissues in hand for the ride to work. Sweet Dave stood at the door waving Cole's little hand as I backed out of the Once I was at work I got myself together and made it through the day. I left at 4:00 on the dot and was home in record time! The only thing I brought in with me were Cole's bottles and I ran through the door to kiss his cheeks!!! The rest of that night I spent snuggling and kissing his face! The second morning back wasn't too much easier. This time, Cole was staying with Grammie, Dave's mom. Again, he did great and I couldn't wait to see him when I came home. Thursday, he stayed with his great-grandmother, Mimi, and had a nice visit with Aunt Becky as well. Friday he was with Daddy again. By Friday, I didn't cry AS MUCH when I left but still shed tears. I just hate leaving him and missing all his sweet smiles and coos! 

This post is short and sweet b/c I want to get off here and back to my little buddy. Enjoy some pictures:
Girlfriend Emily and Cole aka the spit-up twins

football with Daddy and the uncles

Monday, January 9, 2012

2 Months Old!

How is this happening? Two months of my life have NEVER gone by this fast! Cole is growing like a weed and getting cuter by the minute (which I didn't think was possible!) Here are the stats for this month:
Should have started taking his pic next to the dog when he was first born to track his growth, but I forgot!
Here's his week by week growth, you can click on the collage to see it larger. You can click on any of the pictures in the blog to make bigger :)
Sleep: Cole is still great sleeper at night! His last feeding is between 9-10 and he doesn't eat again until around 6:30-7:30 the next morning! He usually falls asleep about an hour to an hour and a half after his last feeding. He sometimes likes to play or just make noises while laying in his bassinet. He is still sleeping in our bedroom and I can't imagine him being in his crib all the way across our huge (haha) house! He has been making some odd noises in his sleep, taking a large gasp for air or coughing (because of his cold) This freaks me out but, doctor said it was normal!

During the day I do put Cole in his crib to nap. In the past I just let him sleep in his bouncy seat, swing, or in my arms. However, I've been really trying to lay him down in his crib where it is flat so he can get used to sleeping on a flat surface. When he goes to his babysitter when I go back to work, he will be sleeping in a pack and play, which is flat. He is doing a great job in his crib so far! I also like watching him on our video monitor :) He is still napping during the day after every feeding. He will usually want to sleep about 45 minutes to an hour after his feeding. Dave and I can definitely distinguish his sleepy cry from his hungry cry now so that makes things easier. We have been swaddling him for his naps and when he goes to bed at night. This puts him right out usually and helps him to sleep longer because he can't flail his arms around to wake himself up. God Bless whoever invented the swaddle blankets with the velcro! During the day I don't even have to swaddle him that tight, just enough to keep his arms still. Every picture we have of people holding him, he is in a swaddle! He seems to like his fleece one the best. Every time he slides his legs down in it he gets a smile on his face! I just ordered some more in the large size because I anticipate him using them for a while. Cole is so big, he is almost too long for the small/medium size. I was bummed because all of the cute patterns and prints are only in the small/medium.

Eating: Cole is getting on more of an eating schedule. He is still solely on breastmilk; sometimes getting it in a bottle from Daddy :) He eats every two hours, give or take about 15 minutes. In the morning he can sometimes go longer because he takes a longer nap. If we are out and about, he also goes a little longer because he sleeps a lot in the car seat. Because he sleeps through the night, I have to pump first thing so I don't choke him on his first feeding! I am getting about 6-7 ounces out of one side first thing in the morning and a couple more ounces out of the side he's done feeding off of! I pump again right before I go to bed so I'm not SO full in the morning. I think I'm going to cut out the pump before bed so my body doesn't think he's having another feeding and I'll produce too much. Needless to say we have a freezer FULL of milk and at least 4 bottles in the fridge at all times. Luckily, Grammie and Gigi's houses both have freezer space so Daddy will be transporting some over soon. This stock will come in handy when I have to go back to work, just in case I can't keep up with his needs since I will only be able to pump a few times during the day.
Not sure if I already posted this on a previous blog but, I caught this when he was nursing one day. He has done it before, praying for plenty of milk I guess! :)

Diaper Size: Cole is still wearing a size 1 diaper.  They fit great but he has had a couple blow-outs! Some have been because the diaper wasn't in the right position so it came out the side. However, he has had some go up the back!!! The other day I had to cut a onesie off him for fear of poo getting EVERYWHERE if I tried to take it off him normally!!! I'm sure when he is older he will love that I am sharing this with the world right now :)

Clothes Size: Cole is wearing mostly 3-6 month outfits already! There are a few 0-3 that still fit but I have broken into the 3-6 month drawer :) He has soooo many cute outfits, it stinks that they are covered up with a bib (and sometimes a swaddle blanket) 80% of the day! Although I'd rather change bibs 10 times a day than outfits!

Other Fun Facts:
* At Cole's last doctor's appointment (8 weeks old) he was up to 13 pounds 10 ounces! This puts him in the 90th percentile, which means only 10% of babies his age weigh more than him (I think)! He is 1 foot 11 inches long, putting him in the 75th percentile. He is also in the 75th percentile for his head size! Just means there is a lot of brains in there! :) He also got his immunizations at this doctor's appointment :( He was not a happy camper, and neither was Mommy, I think I cried as much as he did. The pain didn't last long though, he calmed down once I picked him up and was back to his cheery, smiley self when he woke up when we got home.
Cole's boo-boos :(

*We are still doing tummy time and he is starting to lift his head more and more. We also have been spending a lot of time on his playmat. He loves to stretch out after he eats and coo and smile at his toys and mommy and daddy.

*He is still spitting up quite frequently (after every feeding some days!). He is clearly gaining weight so I'm trying not to worry about it. He is also not acting like he is in any pain when he does it so its basically just a messy inconvenience, but we are learning to deal with it.

* Cole is still tolerating bath time. He also really enjoys getting his diaper changed! He is so proud of himself and what he has accomplished in his diaper! On the changing table is where I get A LOT of smiles and cute pics!
This is the pic we gave everyone for their Christmas present, I just LOVE his little dimple!

Even loves to be swaddled in his towel after his bath :)

*I am finally feeling like I can get **some** things done during the day (cleaning up the kitchen, laundry, etc.). However, I only have 2 more weeks at home. I can't even begin to explain my anxiety/depression I have about leaving Cole. I am not even going to write anymore about the subject because I am trying to avoid it at all costs......moving on....

*Cole is smiling tons and cooing also! It melts my heart every.single.time. I swear he does something and I don't think he can get any cuter and then, he does!!!!
 *Cole experienced his first two snow showers the past two weeks :) I hope we have a few snow days to spend together once I'm back at work.
I couldn't help but to put him in snowy attire :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

7 and 8 Weeks Old!!

More weeks have flown by too quickly! We have had a busy 2 weeks celebrating Christmas and New Years with friends and family.  Forgive me if I leave anything out!

Before Christmas, I had a few girls over from work to watch Christmas movies; however, with three baby boys, there wasn't much movie time, mostly playing, feeding, and chatting :) I can't believe I didn't snap a picture of the 3 adorable boys together :( 

We spent Cole's first Christmas Eve at Grammie and Grandpa's house. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and time spent together. We all received wonderful gifts. One gift in particular was very special. Cole received "Santa's Magic Key" (should've taken a pic of this but it is already packed away in the attic for next year). This is a key that we have to put outside our door on Christmas Eve to let Santa in because we don't have a fireplace. I cannot wait to start this tradition with Cole :) We ended Christmas Eve watching "A Christmas Story" while I fed Cole, I think he really enjoyed his first showing of such a classic movie ;)
Thanks to Uncle Jimmy for his photography skills :)

Christmas morning, Dave and I exchanged gifts and packed up for our visit to Elkton. Cole did great the whole way, waking up with only about 10 minutes left in the car. Again, we received terrific gifts and Cole got lots of new toys. One special gift was the book "Twas the Night Before Christmas" from Pops. This book is so special because it is recordable and Pops recorded himself reading the story for Cole to enjoy for years to come :). Crystal, Lexi, Mom Mom, Aunt Sandy and Uncle Scott visited Christmas night. The day after Christmas Cole met many new friends: Laura, Becky, and Betty Patterson, Jen and Rick Osowski, and John and Donna Bitely. Cole was an angel all day and did great getting passed from visitor to visitor. You will notice that almost every picture shows Cole in his beloved swaddle blanket. That boy loves to be swaddled, it helps him sleep and calms him down so Mommy and Daddy don't mind although I hate that it covers up his cute outfits!
I may or may not have staged this pic AFTER Christmas because of a spit up debacle that happened Christmas morning, hindering a photo shoot ;)

 Once home from Elkton, we continued to stay busy visiting with friends and doing things around the house. I noticed Cole was congested and coughing/gagging at night (which was super scary) so I decided to make him a doctor's appointment just to be sure it was just a cold. Sure enough it was just a cold, probably from the weather and the dry heat in the house. While at the doctor, Cole was weighed and he is a whopping 13 pounds and almost 24 inches long!!! He has a regular check up this week so I will update his stats then. We got some saline drops and ran the humidifier, he seems to be getting a little better. Hate to see my baby sick :( but, he is still in good spirits. We also brought Tucker over to spend a few days with us. This is the first time he has stayed with us since Cole was born. He is so good with Cole, just sniffing him a few times when he walks by. At night he slept next to Cole's bassinet, I assume to protect him. I even had a little photo op while Cole was playing on the floor. Tucker plopped down right next to him and everytime Cole flung his hands and touched Tucker's ear, he didn't even flinch, such a good dog!

We spent New Year's Eve as a family of three. Dave made an awesome rack of ribs and Cole enjoyed a milk feast of his own. The weather was so mild we even had a chance to take a New Year's walk :). Dave and I both fell asleep before midnight but I set my alarm for 11:55 so I could see the ball drop. I also took the time to decorate Cole for his first NYE!

I'll end this post with his two weekly pictures and a snapshot of two outfits I thought were too cute not to capture on film :)