Monday, October 1, 2012

10 Months Old!

 Ok, this is getting too close to 12 months old! :( We have had ten TERRIFIC months with our precious boy!

Sleep: The sleep situation is back on track, thank goodness! Implementing a strict(ish) bedtime routine has helped. We do bath around 6:30, book, and last feeding around 7. He usually wants to be in his crib by 7:30 at the latest. I take him in his room and rock him but he rarely falls asleep in my arms. He usually starts wriggling around and that is my cue to put him in his crib and let him roll around until he goes to sleep. Sometimes he rolls for 20 minutes form one corner of the crib to the other. But, the whole time he is absolutely content and quiet. If we didn't have a video monitor I would go crazy wondering what he was doing in there that whole time. I'm sure I would break and peek in on him, which would distract him from his falling asleep process I'm sure! He likes to get his head as far into the corner of the crib as possible which scares me so I always go in to move him. Lately, I've given up on that though because he moves ALL NIGHT LONG! He covers every square inch of that crib!
Naps are also getting better. He has been in daycare full-time for about 2 weeks and is falling into a nap time schedule quite nicely. Sleeping for about 45 minutes in the morning and sometimes 2 hours in the afternoon! I think he is so exhausted from playing and watching the other kids that he NEEDS his nap time!
Napping with Daddy :)
Crazy Morning Hair :)

Eating: Cole is still eating and nursing like a champ! He has tried beef and turkey this past month and loved it. Plus, we have introduced dairy into his diet and it hasn't negatively affected him at all!!! Woo Hoo!
A lot of self-feeding going on...very messy!
Diaper Size: Sizes 3 and 4, getting very hard to change because he doesn't stay still long!
escaping from a diaper change :)

Clothes Size: 12 Months!

Other Fun Facts:
* This past month has been full of milestones!
* Cole has started crawling everywhere! He usually does one knee and one leg swing, it is so cute. I posted a video of it a few weeks back in case you missed it. 
*Cole is also pulling himself up on everything, the couch, toys, people, baby gate (or as Dave likes to call it-the goat pen).
*Not only did Cole get bottom teeth at the end of last month, this month he has gotten 4 top teeth! Lots of drooling going on!
*There have been a few "teething" fevers and one real fever that I chalked up to teething, coincidentally infecting myself, Dave, and other children with a virus (bit time mothering fail!) I also failed big time as a teacher by calling out sick the SECOND DAY OF SCHOOL! But, as luck would have it, I came down with the virus/fever the first day of school and it spiked that night! I am very thankful that Cole's never got as high as mine and that he wasn't as unpleasant as I was!
*Cole started daycare this month. While it was sad for me, he has absolutely loved it! Ms. Stacey is caring and organized and a perfect fit for Cole, Dave, and I. Cole loves the other kids and could care less when I leave him in the morning. Ms. Stacey is generous enough to send me pics throughout the day and update me on Cole's naps/moods. He always looks like he is having so much fun. I'm jealous she gets to snuggle him and laugh at his faces all day while I'm at work but, I also know how lucky I am to have off with him all summer.
Fun pics from daycare :)
*We had the chance to get together with the Wilkinson side of the family this month. It was fun to see Cole and Reese hang out and play. It will be cute to see them grow older together and start to notice each other and interact.
Playin in the pen with Lexi

watchin' horseshoes with Karlee

Hanging with Reese and Nannie

Snoozing with Aunt Crystal

Amy, Brian, Reese, Nannie, Dave, Cole, and I

Buds in the pool

Some other pics from this past month:
Catching up with Mommy's college friends in Baltimore and all their babies :)

Lazy morning with Lexi
Getting into everything!
Had to lower the crib to the lowest setting!

His favorite expression, fish lips!!