Tuesday, May 29, 2012

6 Months Old!!

Colton Ray is 6 months old! Half of a year! 
Dave and I can't believe how fast this time has gone! It is bittersweet to see how much Cole is growing and changing. It is already hard to remember him as a tiny (well, tiny for him) baby!

Sleep: Cole's sleeping patterns have changed up a bit this month. He is going to bed between 7:30-8:30 but waking up a couple of times throughout the night. Now that he is rolling over, he rolls to his belly and can't get himself back over to his back. This wakes him up and he can't get back to sleep on his own. I know I should just let him figure it out himself but I can't resist going in there and turning him over. Sometimes he goes back to sleep as soon as we turn him over and give him his pacifier. Other times, we have to pick him him up and rock him/pat his little butt. I have noticed that when he is in his sleep sack (a wearable blanket) or swaddled (with arms out) he doesn't move around as much, which is helping him sleep longer. He is also getting up earlier....like 5am-ish. This is doable on the week days b/c we have to get up at that time anyway but, Daddy and Mommy would like to sleep in till at least 6 on the weekend!
Snugglin' with my seahorse :)
Eating: Cole is till getting about three 6 oz. bottles of breast milk at the babysitter and nurses three times while he is home with me (once in the morning and twice in the evening). He also gets oatmeal before his 8:30 bottle and with his dinner. He usually has applesauce or sweet potatoes for lunch and recently tried green beans for the first time with his dinner oatmeal. I was worried because a couple mom-friends told me I should've tried veggies before applesauce and sweet potatoes. I wasn't even thinking about him not wanting veggies after trying the sweet stuff! We started with sweet potatoes and apples because that's what we had extras of in the house! Green beans aren't his favorite, and he doesn't "mmmmmm" his way through eating them, but he doesn't spit it back out either :) We also tried bananas but I noticed Cole got a rash afterward and spit-up more than usual the next day. Each time he spit up it also wreaked of bananas so we will wait a while before we try those again.
I also love squash! :)

Diaper Size: Size 3! With all those new solid foods, I am glad we have the bigger sized diaper ;)

Clothes Size: Cole is in all 6-9 months clothes and seems to have had a growth spurt! Some of the tops are already a little snug :( I used some of our leftover gift cards from our baby showers and bought Cole some summer clothes. He had some that were hand me downs but not quite enough in his size. Now I'm worried the shorts and summer tops I bought him that are 9 months aren't going to last until summer! I'm hoping I can get at least till mid-June. The summer stuff I got is so darn cute but he hasn't been able to wear most of it because the weather cooled back down. Hopefully he will get to sport his little plaid shorts sooner rather than later! I also stocked up on some new bibs with a coupon I had so he has some brightly colored non-stained bibs for now. He constantly has a bib on so I wanted them to look half-way decent.
New hair-do :)

Other Fun Facts:
*Cole's 5 month birthday was on my 29th birthday this year. It was also Easter Sunday. So, it was definitely a day for celebrating!
Honestly?!?! Could he get any cuter?!

Only the 2nd picture we have together as a family of 3, must take more of these!!!

*Cole's cheeks have been getting a little red and irritated lately, I think due to teething and being wet all the time. I try to lotion them up with aquaphor while he is sleeping and that seems to be helping. 

*Daddy had to take Cole to the doctor because of goopy eyes and a rash on his face. We are pretty sure the colorless rash was an allergic reaction to something (possibly the bananas?). Doc said he may have had a touch of pink-eye but, I'm not positive. His actual eye-balls were never pink, just the skin around his eyes which was from wiping the goop constantly from his eyes. He got some eye drops and the goop was gone in less than 48 hours.
**His stats at that appointment were 19 pounds 9 ounces and 27 inches long!**

*Cole is really enjoying the jumperoo he has at his babysitter's house and he also has one at Gigi and Pops' house. Daddy did not want us to register for one for our house because we don't have very much room. However, he changed his mind after seeing how much Cole loves it and how much extra time it gives Mommy and Daddy to get things done. Needless to say, I have been bringing it home every weekend! I will also be bringing it home for the summer! Thanks to my friend Amy for letting us use it at Kelly's and at our house! We have the jumperoo that hangs from the doorway, but it just isn't the same :/

*Cole is really starting to notice dogs. He sees three dogs everyday at Miss Kelly's and enjoys Tucker and Abby and Sophie at his grandparents' houses. He never paid much attention to them before but we are starting to notice him get excited when they walk by and even laugh at them :) He also has started to reach for them if they are close by. Thankfully, all the dogs are very friendly and love Cole as much as he loves them!

*We got to spend time with Amy, Brian, and Reese the last weekend of April. Amy is my cousin who had a baby boy 2 months prior to Cole's birthday. We have always been close and now Cole and Reese will be buddies. Dave and I visited them in their beautiful new house and had a great time catching up! Cole and Reese noticed each other and checked each other out but no real interaction yet. Cole enjoyed Reese's exersaucer, toys, and doggie :)

*Cole was baptized on April 29th at Elkton United Methodist Church, where Dave and I were married. It was a wonderful church service and Cole did great! I have been anxious for weeks worrying that he would spit-up all over the pastor or worse, have a blow-out through his little white suit. Dave's mom was nice enough to save Dave's christening suit and give it to Cole to wear. I'm glad we scheduled the baptism when we did because he wouldn't have fit in it much longer! Gigi, Pops, and Mimi threw a wonderful little lunch in honor of Cole and the house, yard, and pool area looked just perfect. Thankfully, the weather cleared up and it was a great day to spend outside enjoying each other's company. The entire day was very special spent with family. We are truly blessed to have such a sweet boy to love and care for!