Sunday, February 12, 2012

3 months old!

Wow! 3 months old already!!! :)

Sleep: Again, Cole is still great sleeper at night! I know some of my friends would like to punch me after reading/hearing this all the time! We have moved him to his pack n' play and still doing great. Still being swaddled though, and loves it! I hope I don't jinx us by bragging ;)

He naps well with Miss Kelly during the day, probably because she snuggles him while he sleeps :). His morning naps are always longer than his afternoon ones!
Eating: Cole is on a great feeding schedule, still eating every two hours. Sometimes he sleeps longer in the mornings so he goes a little longer between feedings. Still having only breastmilk because thankfully I am keeping up with his needs with what I pump during the day at school. Haven't had to break into the freezer stash. Pumping is going well at school but, very time consuming. I pump right before school, during my lunch, and recess, leaving only my 45 min planning time to eat, plan, and grade! I keep telling myself it is for a good cause and saves a ton of money. I know pumping and nursing doesn't work out for everyone so I'm very thankful I've had success!

Diaper Size: Size 2 already!!!!

Clothes Size: Cole is still wearing 3-6 month outfits!

decked out in Phillies gear with his signed ball from the Phanatic :)

Smilin' at Pops on his playmat :)

Other Fun Facts:
*We started putting Cole in his bumbo seat to see what he would do. He still struggles holding his head up for a long time so we will need to keep working on it. We put him on his tummy as much as we can but all he does is find his fist, stick it in his mouth, and put his head down to relax!

*Speaking of his hands, Cole has found them! He constantly has his fist or thumb in his mouth. The last few weeks he has started to grab at his toys so I try to stick a toy in his reach so he grabs that instead of sucking on his hands!

*He is still spitting up after every feeding. It is still a big inconvenience and laundry problem, but if that is the most of our worries, I will take it! He is obviously gaining enough weight! Last week I put the bumbo seat on the scale then I put him in the bumbo seat on the scale and the difference was 16 pounds! He is only 3 months old!!! Imagine what he would weigh if he kept all he ate down! haha

*Still getting most of my smiley pics on the changing table. Although he has recently started being quite bashful, especially in the mornings. When you look at him and smile, he smiles real big and buries his head in your shoulder. It is the cutest. thing. ever!

*Cole's new friend Delayne Mae was born Feb. 9th, a day after his three month birthday!
Lauri, Delayne, Cruz and his baby:), Cole and I

Saturday, February 11, 2012

11 and 12 weeks old

So, ever since I started back to work I have meant to update the blog but no such luck! By the time I get home it is almost 5, then there are bottles to wash and refill, laundry to do and a diaper bag to pack. Not to mention feedings, and bathtime. Cole is enjoying time with his babysitter, Miss Kelly, and is always fat and happy when I pick him up! :) I love seeing him smile when I get there. He's been making me giggle every morning and evening during our car rides because he has started to enjoy looking out the window. He used to be asleep before I even clicked his car seat in the base. Now, he stays awake for about ten minutes taking in the views. He's certainly growing up!! Speaking of growing up, he has started sleeping in his pack n' play instead of his bassinet. We took him out of his bassinet because his legs were just too scrunched up! I couldn't stand putting him in his crib all the way across the house (you know, since our house is so big haha) so, we compromised and put his pack n' play at the foot of our bed. Even though he is right there, I still have the video monitor hooked up so I can just roll over and see him :) baby steps...haha. Also, Cole's new friend Delaney Mae was born the day after his 3 month birthday, I will post more with pics later (unfortunately I was in such a rush to go meet her I forgot my memory card and put Cole's pants on backwards! ha!) Again, this post is short because playtime is approaching :) Here are the latest pics!

What is this contraption you put me in?! Still struggling holding my HUGE noggin up! :)

Relaxin' with Daddy on a Friday night!

First night in pack n' play :)

Sleepin' on Uncle Mike's huge orange beanbag.