Tuesday, June 19, 2012

7 Months Old!

 7 Months Old! Can't believe that this time one year ago we were getting ready for our big ultrasound to find out if Baby Williamson was a boy or a girl! We were so shocked to hear we were having a boy but now, I can't imagine it any other way :)

Sleep: Sleeping from around 8pm-6am. He is still taking a longer nap in the morning after his "big" breakfast and then a few shorter cat naps throughout the afternoon and evening. He sleeps mostly on his side but is content on his back and belly also!
Enjoying bedtime stories with Grandma and Grandpa

Eating: Cole nurses about a half hour after he wakes up; has fruit and a 4oz. pumped bottle of breastmilk around 8:30; fruit or veggie and a 5oz. pumped bottle of breastmilk around noon; a 5oz bottle of breastmilk around 3; a veggie and a fruit and nurses around 5:30; and nurses at 7:30 before bed. I have been pumping BARELY enough to supply Cole with his bottles for the next day while I'm at work. The doctor said I can up his food volume so that will alleviate some of my stress about making enough milk. Also, with school being out, I will be nursing more, hopefully keeping my supply up. I am hoping to give Cole breastmilk until he is one year old. I'm not sure how long I will actually nurse him, we shall see.

Cole's acid reflux has improved so much! I think part of it is the medicine he is on but also I am hopeful he is outgrowing it. The doctor told us it peaks at 6 months and then works its way down so hopefully it is on its way OUT! We now only have about 2 spit ups a day now instead of several after EVERY feeding, YAHOO!

Diaper Size: Still in size 3

Clothes Size: Cole is still in all 6-9 months clothes. His hand me down bathing suits are 12 months and fit well, they are a little loose in the tummy but still work! Have I mentioned how grateful I am for hand me downs? My friends have had some really stylin' boys the last few years and Cole and I are reaping the benefits! The boy seriously has enough plaid shorts to wear a different pair every day of the month (well maybe not that many, but close ) ;) He doesn't have to wear a bib AS much as he used to so I'm getting a chance to show of his cute shirts a little more. I still have a bib close by or burp cloth just in case, I'm not that brave yet!
Ok, Mommy, time to put the bouncy seat away, I'm a little too big for it! haha

Other Fun Facts:
*Cole came to meet my kiddos at school one afternoon. Kelly brought him over with 5 minutes to go in the school day. I wasn't sure what to expect from Cole or my students! They loved him and he loved them, of course. He smiled and played bashful while they smiled at him and one even told him a story (so cute)

*I celebrated my first mother's day this year! We had Mimi, both sets of grandparents over and Uncle Mike and Uncle Jimmy. It was a perfect day with lots of yummy food prepared by my WONDERFUL husband.
With the Great-Grandmothers :)
*Cole has been out shopping with me more lately, to the grocery store and Wal Mart mostly. Every single time we are in the checkout he flirts with the lady cashiers and they always comments on his beautiful eyes. I have a lady-killer on my hands :)

*Cole has transferred over to the "big-boy" carseat! When he went to the doctor for his 6 month check up I just knew he would be at least 22 pounds (our infant carseat's limit). Turns out he was still at 19. We switched him over to the big boy seat anyway in Daddy's truck. This way, when we visit the beach we don't have to deal with the infant carrier. I still have the big boy carseat in the attic I received at my baby shower. I am planning on putting it in my car once school is out. I don't want to worry about installing the big boy one in Miss Kelly's car. I was worried Cole wouldn't be comfy in his new seat, but he loved it!

*We took our first trip to the beach with Cole Memorial Day weekend! Dave and I were both pretty anxious, not knowing what to expect. We packed the night before and surprisingly, didn't have TOO much baby stuff. I know as he gets older we will need to pack more things (sand toys, baby pool, chair, etc.) From the minute we arrived till the second we pulled in the driveway Cole was a complete angel. He didn't fuss once, was happy as a clam, ate well, and even took a few beach naps! He sat in his bumbo and played with toys, watched his two girlfriends, and hung out with Grandma and Grandpa. We were there from around 10:30am until 5:30pm and he was a trooper! I made it through diaper changes and sunscreen applications without getting sand stuck to him everywhere. Still, I couldn't wait to give him a bath when we got home to scrub the sunscreen out of his hair and off his skin. He was asleep by 7:30 that night, skipping his last feeding of the day!

1st Beach Day

Beach Babies!!

*Cole also attended Charlie's 2nd Birthday party at Miss Kelly's house. He even relaxed in the pool! He didn't like it at all until his sunglasses were on. Once he had his shades on, he just laid back and relaxed :)

Cole was completely exhausted after a fun-filled weekend..

*Cole's last day with Miss Kelly was June 6th. We can't thank her enough for taking such good care of our little guy this school year. He's really going to miss her (Mr. Rudi, the boys, and the dogs too!)

*Towards the middle of Cole's 7 month, he started sitting up on his own :) More pics of that in the 8 month blog...