Monday, January 21, 2013

Cole's 1st Birthday!

Cole is One!
 We had fun celebrating Cole's first birthday with family and friends. We had his birthday party November 3rd, a few days before he was officially one. I chose to do an owl theme because I wanted to use fall colors but, didn't want to use all pumpkin things.  The things I found/made were perfect! I found quite a few ideas on Pinterest but had to pick and choose so I didn't go crazy spending/creating elaborate decorations that would just have to be thrown away.  Here are some pictures of everything all set up:

I enjoyed organizing and displaying the weekly pictures I have taken over the last year of our cute little guy!!! It was fun looking at how much he has grown and how his looks have changed.

A wonderful lady at Gigi's work made Cole's first birthday cupcake cake! It was so cute, and so yummy!
A little blurry but, posing withGrandma and Grandpa

with Gigi and Pops

with his Mimi

blowin' raspberries with Aunt Crystal and Lexi

with his Uncle Mike

showing Mom-Mom his balloon
Cole had fun opening his presents! He wasn't too into ripping the paper and such but enjoyed the gifts once they were unwrapped! Of course, he was spoiled with too many surprise there!
Grandpa putting my car together.
Hmm....this looks fun!

Playing some tunes.
What's in here?

Cruz and Jacob checking out the loot

Opening with Mommy and Daddy

Cute bear hat from Aunt Jen!

Lexi teaching me how to play drums!

Cole did not have any sweets (besides fruit) for the first twelve months of his life! I wanted his first taste to be his birthday cake! We were excited to see how he would react. He definitely liked it but, didn't go hog-wild like I expected.
Listening to "Happy Birthday to You"



Ok, I like this!

Cutie Pie!
 November 8th, Cole officially turned one! Mommy and Daddy had to work because it was a work day but he celebrated at daycare with some yummy cookies. I snapped some pictures of him in his birthday shirt before we left in the morning!

So full of himself!

Thanks again to everyone who wished Cole a happy birthday!  Dave and I never knew a love like this existed a year ago! We had heard how our hearts would be beyond full once he was in our arms but, the reality was extraordinary!!! He absolutely lights up our lives. Every night we have the same conversation which goes something like this.."Seriously , could he get any cuter?!", "He is something else", "He is the best baby in the world!". We know we are so blessed! Happy birthday Colton Ray! :)

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